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Learn more about what a physiotherapist can do for you. We offer a variety of techniques and treatment that we can combine to help you feel your best.

Intake Assessment

Effective physiotherapy treatment starts with a thorough assessment. We will review your history and any test results, then complete an examination, using both visual and hands-on assessment. 

We will discuss what we find, and the best way to treat your condition. We will obtain your informed consent before we start a treatment plan, and discuss risks if any, and the expected benefits of treatment.

Medical Exercise Therapy

Many orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions can be improved by corrective exercise.  Your physiotherapist will guide you on a rehabilitation plan based on your assessment, best practice and current research. 

Certain conditions such as tendinopathy (wear and tear in soft tissue) respond to specifically targeted exercise, and the same is true for management of arthritic conditions.

More about Manual Therapy

Manual and manipulative therapy is effective in all regions throughout the body, to improve movement and ease pain. This therapy is also used to treat spinal issues such as chronic neck and spine pain, whiplash, and radiating nerve pain.

In the upper body it can help treat cases of tennis elbow and rotator cuff pain, and TMJ problems in the jaw. In the lower body, manual therapy can be used to treat movement loss and pain from joint replacements, ankle sprains, and arthritis.

Soft Tissue Manipulation & Release

The soft tissues of the body are a common source of pain. Injury, postural stresses and other overload can cause changes in the tissue, resulting in tight bands of shortened tissue. These problems can be addressed with hands-on care.  Soft tissue stretching, myofascial release and other interventions can give significant ongoing relief of pain and stiffness.

Acupuncture, Shockwave and other tools

Western medical acupuncture uses fine sterile needles to stimulate the nervous system to generate pain relief. A form of acupuncture called IMS or dry needling targets deep knots in tight muscles. Other modalities, such as electrical stimulation and laser therapy, offer pain relief and reduction of unwanted inflammation. Shockwave Therapy can help with chronic tissue pain such as plantar fasciitis or tendinopathy.

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